UM Healthcare Trust

Affordable healthcare for rural Pakistan

UM Healthcare Trust is currently working on the following Projects:

  • Disaster Relief Medical Camps
  • Clinical Outpatient Facility (OPD)
  • Health Education
  • Ambulance Service
  • Jaroka – Tele-healthcare Services
  • Affordable Pharmacy
  • Quality Medical Lab

Disaster Relief Medical Camps

Outpatient Facility (OPD)
Trust’s first project is operating a hospital i.e. a healthcare medical center located in Village Zahidabad, (180 KM North of Islamabad). Building for the hospital was completed in early 2008 and regular services have begun from September 2008. The facility is staffed by qualified doctors and paramedics. It will attend to immediate health needs of the needy people in the neighboring rural community. This service shall be extended free of cost to the poor and at subsidized rates, to those who can pay a little.

Ambulance Service
The Trust’s second project is to operate a free ambulance service to commute the seriously sick from Trust’s hospital to major hospitals in the District. Financial support is currently being sought for this project.

Jaroka Tele-Healthcare Services
The Trust’s third project is establishing a Tele-healthcare system named Jaroka, developed in collaboration with Stanford University, APPNA and NUST. The goal of project is to connect the healthcare service providers at our facility with specialists in the urban centers of Pakistan and USA so that expert advice and diagnoses can be provided to the patients. Diseases like dermatology, cardiology, gynecology, radiology and others shall be extended to the poor and needy.

This service will drastically reduce the need for patients to repeatedly travel to cities for specialists opinion and diagnosis. They will get specialized diagnosis through Trust’s tele-healthcare services.

This project is undertaken in close collaboration with APPNA (Association of Pakistani Physicians in North America), (Providing free satellite based internet access for these tele-healthcare services) and NUST (Nattional University of Science & Technology).

Affordable Pharmacy

UM Healthcare Trust not only treats patients at its facility but also provides low cost (free to the destitute) medicines to the poor. The Trust is so far spending its own funds to procure these sometimes expensive medicines. We seek support and assistance in procuring medicines, so that the rural communities do not have to travel to the cities to buy critical and life saving medicines.

Quality Medical Testing Lab

Due to non availabity of quality medical lab in rural Mardan, we are forced to refer patients to go to cities to get various tests done. This results in not only loss of precious time in treating the patient, but also forces them to lose work for day on account of travel. We therefore, seek to setup a quality medical lab at our facility which can do all routine tests including EKG, ECG, Blood tests, Ultra sound, Hepatitus detection, TB etc. We therefore, seek funds from donors to make this lab a reality.

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