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UM Healthcare team just got back from the essential needs assessment survey from ground zero. We went as far as the flood water had risen in the area (Near Risalpur). Here is what we got back.
Survey Analysis
  • An estimated 5 million people are directly affected from the flood devastation
  • Atleast 50 villages and towns are underwater as we speak
  • An area from outskirts of Peshawar, to Noshehra district and parts of Mardan district are directly affected.
  • Over 300 dead bodies have been recovered from the area where we had gone. More from other parts of the region.
  • Three days after the flood waters first struck the area, people are still pulled alive from their homes. They are extremely exhausted, have not had anything to drink or eat during this time and have spent time partially submerged in the water clinging to their lives.
  • Government support so far is minimal. No relief agency has reached this far. However, Edhi himself is setting up a camp here to help the victims. So we might see some action from them soon.
  • No doctors or any medical professional is available at the time of this writing.
  • A few medicines are available through some local NGO but no doctors to administer them.

A Photostream of Flood Devastation can be seen here

Our Plan of Action
After completing our survey, here is what we plan to do.
  • We are setting up a field medical clinic in a closed up Children’s play school immediately.
  • A medical team from UM Healthcare will start treating patients immediately and will man the clinic till the crisis is over.
  • We estimate to be there for atleast a month since the local facilities will not become operational anytime soon (even when the flood waters recede).
  • CDRS has pledged to join us and we will work together to help the flood victims get better care. We are encouraging other organizations to join us in this time of need.
What We Need Urgently
A list of all the items that we need is listed here.

Please click on this link and go through the lists that we have provided. We need medicines, generators, water, juices, clothes for these people.

Our Background
UM Healthcare Trust, established in 2004, in collaboration with its partners and stakeholders has been running a very successful rural healthcare program in village Zahidabad, (200KM North of Islamabad, Pakistan) in the outskirts of the town of Rustum, NWFP Province. We treat over 50,000 patients a year and 90% of them live below the poverty line and earn less than US$1 a day.
UM Healthcare, (with partners like CDRS, DRIP, APPNA, NUST, EDHI) played a vital role during the IDP crisis (in 2009) when we treated over 17,000 refugees near Buner/Mardan district border. We were one of the only non-profits operating in this area and so close to the conflict zone.
You can support our efforts by contributing at UM Healthcare Website (

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Shaghil Husain says:

    How much is the cost of medicines in US dollars?

  2. Atif Mumtaz says:

    Approximately US$30,000 for medicines to run our medical camp on urgent basis.

  3. [...] field report from UM Healthcare Trust, click here 0 [...]

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